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We are the generation to end cancer.

Sigma Chi pledges $1 Million for cancer research

The men of Sigma Chi have committed to do all we can, pledging to be the generation to end cancer. Bold? Yes, as is the founder of the world-leader in cancer center, Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) Significant Sig and Order of Constantine Sig Jon M. Huntsman (Penn 1959). The world expects more of us than the world expects of other men. One in two men will get cancer. One in three women will get cancer. One in 10 kids will get cancer. How many men and women are in your extended family? Your Facebook friends list? Your chapter? These aren't just statistics - this is personal. And YOU can do something about it.

Sign up for the site, dedicate your own derby dollar, and send 10 e-mails. Itís that easy.

The Derby Challenge is a friendly competition amongst chapter raising funds for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). Using this web site during your Derby Days or philanthropy week makes it easier and faster to collect funds. Thanks to our generous members, sorority partners, and our family and friends, Sigma Chi has raised more than $1 million for cancer research at HCI.

SIGMA CHI'S GOAL FOR 2014/2015: RAISE $1 million dollars. Every dollar funds research that pursues the most novel and innovative projects with immediate implications in caring for cancer patients. Chapter winners are announced each year at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. The Challenge annually from August 1 to July 31.

Past Winners:
2013-2014 (Includes all donations)
1. George Washington University - Epsilon Chapter: $50,555
2. University of Texas-Austin - Alpha Nu Chapter: $49,240
3. Loyola University - Lambda Nu Chapter: $35,541
4. Georgia Southern University - Eta Zeta Chapter: $29,069
5. American University - Kappa Rho Chapter:$26,280

2012-2013 (Online donations only)
1. University of Utah - Beta Eta Chapter: $22,799
2. University of Chicago - Omicron Omicron Chapter: $16,836
3. Boston University - Iota Upsilon Chapter: $14,790
4. University of Houston - Epsilon Xi Chapter: $14,705
5. Loyola University Chicago - Lambda Nu Chapter: $9,353

2011-2012 (Online donations only)
1. Boston University - Iota Upsilon Chapter: $16,244
2. University of Connecticut - Gamma Omega Chapter: $11,256
3. Washington & Lee University - Zeta Chapter: $2,229