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Sigma Chi Iota Nu
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Iota Nu Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $20,000.00
Total Raised: $22,875.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 64
Members Recruited: 69

Help us Fight

Each year Iota Nu puts on its annual Derby Days fundraiser in hopes of raising money to support the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This year, Iota Nu has set an ambitious goal to try and raise $20,000 dollars for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. The Huntsman Cancer Foundation is Sigma Chis international philanthropy of choice, and they work tirelessly to help treat patients and find the cure to cancer.

Making a donation is easy and will take three minutes or less! Please donate now for me, for you, and for all the men, women and children in our lives. Let's cure cancer together! Help us win the Derby Challenge and find a cure for cancer by making a tax-deductible charitable donation in our honor.

Team Members:
Total Raised$22,875.00  
General Team Donation$9,007.00  
Will Patterson$380.00  
   Rishabh Agarwal$5.00  
   Miles Anderson$0.00  
   Evan Arkle$28.00  
   Hayden Arrington$100.00  
   Ben Beck$20.00  
   Chris Boinis$75.00  
   Carter Brady$335.00  
   Braxton Bragg$20.00  
   Ben Brearley$0.00  
   Jack Brice$45.00  
   Brandon Browne$500.00  
   Adam Bussian$0.00  
   Morgan Cunningham$0.00  
   Vince De Pinto$200.00  
   Joe Depinto$225.00  
   Nathaniel DeSantis$10.00  
   Hunter Ditsch$25.00  
   Jackson Dumont$170.00  
   Patrick Fagan$375.00  
   Paul Flournoy$250.00  
   Joe Frye$350.00  
   Lee Gardella$120.00  
   Paul Geary$500.00  
   Riley Gessner$500.00  
   JD Gierach$100.00  
   John Green$10.00  
   Charles Hardy$0.00  
   Miles Hauser$10.00  
   Riley Henderson$0.00  
   Joe Hiebert$10.00  
   Holden Jain$510.00  
   Holden Jain$0.00  
   Reece Johnson$300.00  
   Brooke Kinney$375.00  
   John Klein$300.00  
   August Klinke$200.00  
   Tyler Knauss$50.00  
   Peter Knezevich$325.00  
   Alex Kramer$200.00  
   Andrew Lull$285.00  
   Joel Marcotte$250.00  
   Kacey Markarian$0.00  
   Shaun Markarian$35.00  
   Jackson McCarthy$0.00  
   Austin Mix$0.00  
   Clayton Moyer$1,000.00  
   Karl Nichols$0.00  
   Mark Perry$0.00  
   Jaret Phillips$300.00  
   Ethan Pretsch$0.00  
   Graham Robbins$250.00  
   Michael Robertson$0.00  
   Dyson Robinson$0.00  
   Reed Sanchez$1,000.00  
   Robert Sar$300.00  
   Alec Schindler$375.00  
   Samuel Slom$0.00  
   Graham Smith$2,610.00  
   Eric Soffronoff$0.00  
   Will Tracy$110.00  
   Thomas Trankle$75.00  
   John Vangellow$20.00  
   Ian Vickery$0.00  
   Alexander Vogt$150.00  
   Andrew Weeks$200.00  
   Nicholas Wigelsworth$0.00  
   Connor Wise$25.00  
   Jake Ybarra$260.00  

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