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Group Statistics

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Group NameGroup LeaderGroup TotalMembers Recruited
Albion CollegeAlpha Pi$2,625.002
Alma CollegeTheta Nu$1,140.0020
American UniversityKappa Rho$31,579.4989
Arizona State UniversityEpsilon Upsilon$0.001
Arkansas State UniversityTheta Chi$6,657.929
Armstrong State UniversitySigma Chi Colony$0.001
Austin Peay State UniversityEta Xi$2,130.521
Ball State UniversityEpsilon Omega$3,915.2567
Baylor UniversityEta Omega$15,861.001
Beloit CollegeAlpha Zeta$2,223.5823
Bentley UniversityLambda Upsilon$350.001
Binghamton UniversitySigma Chi Colony$0.002
Birmingham- Southern CollegePi .$0.001
Boise State UniversityLambda Xi$172.621
Bowling Green State UniversityDelta Kappa$2,390.004
Bradley UniversityDelta Rho$4,808.5424
Bridgewater State CollegeTheta Zeta$0.003
Brock UniversitySigma Chi Colony$0.001
Brown UniversityBeta Nu$0.001
Bryant UniversityLambda Eta$6,820.0073
Bucknell UniversityKappa .$2,800.001
Butler UniversityRho .$21,863.9581
California State Polytechnic University-PomonaTheta Sigma$21,933.7334
California State University - Long BeachEta Beta$1,387.0143
California State University - San MarcosMu Beta$24,570.47496
California State University-ChicoKappa Theta$7,000.001
California State University-FresnoEpsilon Eta$0.001
California State University-NorthridgeZeta Xi$25.003
California State University-San BernardinoIota Alpha$0.001
Carnegie Mellon UniversityLambda Pi$3,645.0012
Case Western Reserve UniversityBeta Eta$0.002
Central Michigan UniversityZeta Rho$29,390.053
Centre CollegeZeta Zeta$2,020.008
Clarion University of PennsylvaniaTheta Alpha$600.002
Clarkson UniversityIota Zeta$4,585.0031
Clemson UniversityEta Psi$0.001
College of CharlestonIota Epsilon$0.001
College of IdahoKappa Lambda$3,408.7196
College of William & MaryZeta Upsilon$0.001
Colorado CollegeBeta Gamma$372.001
Colorado State UniversityBeta Tau$0.001
Columbia UniversityNu Nu$0.001
Cornell UniversityAlpha Phi$24,623.7786
Cumberland UniversityNu .$0.001
Dalhousie University - St. Mary's UniversityGamma Rho$0.001
Denison UniversityMu .$0.001
DePaul UniversityLambda Omega$22,413.3080
DePauw UniversityXi .$0.001
Drake UniversityTheta Gamma$0.001
Duke UniversityBeta Lambda$1,154.421
East Tennessee State UniversityZeta Omega$2,000.003
Eastern Illinois UniversityEta Mu$200.002
Eastern Kentucky UniversityEta Alpha$0.001
Eastern New Mexico UniversityZeta Sigma$5.0024
Elon UniversityTheta Omega$17,145.001
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona BeachEta Iota$18,760.72143
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - PrescottKappa Phi$210.002
Emory UniversityBeta Chi$0.002
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityIota Kappa$10.001
Florida Atlantic UniversityLambda Tau$21,505.0049
Florida Gulf Coast UniversityLambda Zeta$18,542.752
Florida International UniversityLambda Iota$0.001
Florida Southern CollegeEpsilon Sigma$5,825.0028
Fort Hays State UniversityZeta Tau$0.001
Furman UniversityIota Nu$22,875.0070
George Mason UniversityIota Xi$975.883
George Washington UniversityEpsilon .$33,614.011
Georgia Institute of TechnologyBeta Psi$3,350.0041
Georgia Southern UniversityEta Zeta$23,761.00110
Georgia Southwestern State UniversityEta Theta$0.002
Gettysburg CollegeTheta .$35,774.2657
Hampden - Sydney CollegeSigma Sigma$366.601
Hanover CollegeChi .$0.001
Harvard UniversityKappa Eta$0.001
Hillsdale CollegeAlpha Kappa$10,224.431
Hobart CollegeAlpha Alpha$601.0035
Illinois State UniversityTheta Rho$0.001
Illinois Wesleyan UniversityAlpha Iota$5,176.001
Indiana State UniversityTheta Pi$26,427.1160
Indiana UniversityLambda .$0.001
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaEta Omicron$9,323.381
International SweetheartKelsey Maggard$2,380.502
Iowa State UniversityBeta Omicron$1,700.0011
Jacksonville UniversityIota Gamma$1,310.0015
James Madison UniversityIota Beta$0.001
Johns Hopkins UniversityKappa Upsilon$2,122.2122
Kansas State UniversityDelta Upsilon$0.001
Kent State UniversityZeta Lambda$20,000.0016
Kettering University AZeta Theta A$10,551.872
Kettering University BZeta Theta B$14,430.6246
Knox CollegeLambda Alpha$310.111
Lehigh UniversityAlpha Rho$0.001
Louisiana State UniversityIota Lambda$0.001
Loyola Marymount UniversityIota Omega$0.001
Loyola University - ChicagoLambda Nu$43,017.06781
Marquette UniversityIota Pi$866.8719
Massachussets Institute of TechnologyAlpha Theta$0.001
McGill UniversityGamma Lambda$20,794.46147
Miami University (Ohio)Sigma Chi Colony$550.001
Michigan State UniversityGamma Psi$0.001
Middle Tennessee State UniversityEta Gamma$0.001
Minnesota State UniversityKappa Tau$800.001
Mississippi State UniversityGamma Upsilon$0.002
Missouri State UniversityEta Kappa$1,300.001
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyTheta Eta$235.002
Montana State UniversityBeta Rho$2,072.006
Murray State UniversityEpsilon Tau$250.001
New Mexico State UniversityZeta Phi$0.003
North Carolina State UniversityDelta Epsilon$0.001
North Dakota StateGamma Tau$276.0010
Northern Arizona UniversityZeta Omicron$0.002
Northwestern UniversityOmega .$1,074.441
Ohio State UniversityAlpha Gamma$33,208.41133
Ohio UniversityDelta Pi$6,758.64145
Oklahoma State UniversityGamma Delta$2,864.0021
Oregon State UniversityBeta Pi$0.001
Pennsylvania State UniversityAlpha Chi$632.5014
Pepperdine UniversityKappa Omicron$100.002
Princeton UniversitySigma .$0.001
Purdue UniversityDelta Delta$2,066.0018
Radford UniversityKappa Zeta$4,642.231
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteDelta Psi$5,671.5997
Ripon CollegeEpsilon Lambda$0.001
Roanoke CollegeTau .$0.001
Rochester Institute of TechnologyLambda Kappa$20,215.41186
Rutgers UniversityIota Psi$0.001
Saint Francis UniversityLambda Rho$0.001
Sam Houston State UniversityEpsilon Psi$6,960.0010
Samford UniversityPi .$0.002
San Jose State UniversityEpsilon Theta$7,500.001
Santa Clara UniversityLambda Gamma$0.001
Sigma Chi Gamma Phi - University of MiamiGamma Phi$6,388.001
Sigma Chi Zeta Iota - Pittsburg State UniversityZeta Iota$2,951.551
Southeast Missouri State UniversityEpsilon Phi$0.003
Southern Illinois University CarbondaleLambda Omicron$3,059.1930
Southern Methodist UniversityDelta Mu$30,606.0073
Southern Utah UniversityKappa Iota$30,376.9425
Spring Hill CollegeTheta Mu$2,031.002
St. Louis UniversitySigma Chi Colony$0.001
Stanford UniversityAlpha Omega$0.002
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityEta Tau$0.002
Syracuse UniversityPsi Psi$0.002
Tarleton State UniversityKappa Xi$3,010.007
Tennessee Tech UniversityEta Delta$50.001
Texas A&M University- College StationEta Upsilon$0.001
Texas A&M University- CommerceZeta Eta$352.001
Texas A&M University- KingsvilleZeta Pi$280.002
Texas Christian UniversityEpsilon Mu$10,005.582
Texas State University- San MarcosTheta Tau$0.001
Troy UniversityEta Phi$0.001
Tulane UniversityAlpha Omicron$0.001
Union CollegeGamma Zeta$0.001
University of ChicagoOmicron Omicron$0.002
University of AlabamaIota Iota$100.001
University of ArizonaBeta Phi$10,000.003
University of ArkansasOmega Omega$3,000.001
University of British Columbia-Simon Fraser UniversityDelta Omicron$150.002
University of California - DavisTheta Omicron$1,731.004
University of California - IrvineEta Sigma$10.003
University of California - Los AngelesDelta Eta$925.0069
University of California - MercedLambda Delta$0.001
University of California - Santa BarbaraSigma Chi Colony$1,400.0028
University of California- BerkleyAlpha Beta$0.001
University of California- San DiegoIota Chi$16,809.7256
University of Central FloridaEta Pi$5,315.0058
University of CincinnatiZeta Psi$18,876.6886
University of ConnecticutGamma Omega$0.001
University of DenverDelta Iota$9,836.0011
University of FloridaGamma Theta$5,926.00123
University of GeorgiaDelta .$100.001
University of IdahoGamma Eta$9,444.003
University of IllinoisKappa Kappa$14,737.643
University of IowaAlpha Eta$0.001
University of KansasAlpha Xi$1,915.005
University of KentuckyLambda Lambda$0.001
University of Louisiana - LafayetteLambda Psi$2,600.001
University of LouisvilleIota Lambda$500.001
University of MaineRho Rho$0.001
University of MarylandGamma Chi$0.001
University of Massachusetts - AmherstSigma Chi Colony$0.001
University of MemphisEpsilon Kappa$930.812
University of Miami - FloridaGamma Phi$2,150.001
University of MichiganTheta Theta$0.001
University of MinnesotaAlpha Sigma$1,618.2224
University of MississippiEta .$10,000.002
University of Missouri - ColumbiaXi Xi$0.001
University of MontanaBeta Delta$200.008
University of NebraskaAlpha Epsilon$1,810.008
University of New HampshireLambda Sigma$3,686.0041
University of New HavenLambda Epsilon$21,380.42169
University of New MexicoBeta Xi$1,138.421
University of North AlabamaEta Rho$0.001
University of North CarolinaAlpha Tau$0.001
University of North Carolina - CharlotteMu Alpha$3,116.362
University of North DakotaBeta Zeta$0.001
University of North FloridaKappa Beta$660.003
University of North GeorgiaTheta Epsilon$5,072.362
University of North TexasIota Phi$5,000.002
University of Northern ColoradoEpsilon Pi$4,700.001
University of OklahomaBeta Kappa$9,220.004
University of OregonBeta Iota$0.001
University of OttawaLambda Theta$4,292.24111
University of PennsylvaniaPhi Phi$8,925.003
University of PittsburghBeta Theta$0.001
University of Puget SoundDelta Phi$1,910.004
University of Rhode IslandDelta Sigma$150.001
University of RichmondEpsilon Rho$9,216.0033
University of RochesterGamma Pi$0.001
University of South AlabamaEta Epsilon$11,530.001
University of South FloridaTheta Beta$0.001
University of Southern CaliforniaAlpha Upsilon$2,305.001
University of Southern MississippiTheta Delta$0.001
University of St. ThomasIota Tau$1,090.009
University of TampaKappa Omega$2,295.0046
University of Tennessee - KnoxvilleBeta Sigma$0.001
University of Tennessee - MartinKappa Psi$5,000.001
University of Tennessee- ChattanoogaDelta Theta$0.001
University of Texas - ArlingtonTheta Kappa$1,777.007
University of Texas - AustinAlpha Nu$36,275.002
University of the PacificKappa Sigma$9,553.006
University of Toronto - RyersonBeta Omega$2,250.0092
University of TulsaDelta Omega$1,000.002
University of UtahBeta Epsilon$58,854.05107
University of VirginiaPsi .$0.001
University of WashingtonUpsilon Upsilon$0.002
University of WaterlooTheta Psi$0.001
University of West FloridaLambda Beta$515.0016
University of West GeorgiaLambda Phi$459.001
University of Western OntarioEpsilon Omicron$8,092.0015
University of WindsorKappa Mu$0.001
University of WisconsinAlpha Lambda$10.002
University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeLambda Chi$400.008
University of WyomingGamma Xi$0.005
Utah State UniversityGamma Kappa$17,299.2829
Valdosta State UniversityLambda Mu$5,170.0062
Valparaiso UniversityIota Sigma$625.0026
Vanderbilt UniversityAlpha Psi$0.001
Villanova UniversityKappa Chi$341.801
Virginia Commonwealth UniversitySigma Chi Colony$0.001
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityEta Lambda$12,132.502
Wabash CollegeDelta Chi$1,071.171
Wake Forest UniversityDelta Nu$0.001
Washington & Lee UniversityZeta .$2,934.0016
Washington State UniversityBeta Upsilon$0.004
Washington UniversityTau Tau$0.001
West Virginia UniversityMu Mu$400.001
Western Carolina UniversityKappa Gamma$860.0054
Western Connecticut State UniversityIota Eta$501.001
Western Illinois UniversityIota Omicron$1,745.0038
Western Kentucky UniversityZeta Mu$0.001
Western Michigan UniversityZeta Nu$5,674.0068
Whitman CollegeGamma Epsilon$0.001
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityIota Mu$0.001
Willamette UniversityDelta Zeta$0.001
Yale UniversityTheta Upsilon$0.001
Youngstown State UniversityEta Chi$0.002

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